Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

We provide one-on-one and group-based coaching programs designed to develop a range of personal and professional competencies in the workplace.

For example, we can assist individuals to:

  • establish realistic goals to improve effectiveness in the workplace
  • enhance communication and conflict resolution skills
  • develop management and leadership skills
  • manage employee performance in the workplace
  • manage difficult behaviours and situations
  • develop problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • build effective relationships
  • think and plan strategically
  • manage organisational change and transitions

We design an appropriate coaching program to meet each individual’s unique learning needs. Managers can access one-off coaching sessions as required or attend a structured course of sessions to develop specific competencies in accordance with a formal learning plan. We can also arrange for access to a telephone coaching hotline that can give a manager immediate support in real time, to discuss a current staff or organisational issue and receive immediate coaching assistance.

An individual’s behavioural style may be assessed via 360 degree feedback from supervisors, peers and direct reports. Regular reviews of critical and relevant work situations are undertaken to enhance personal insight and enable progress and outcomes to be monitored and measured.

The aims of coaching include broadening an individual’s self-awareness and skills, facilitating focussed goal setting, and assisting individuals to utilise effective strategies that will impact directly on their work performance.