Early Intervention Program

Early Intervention Program

This program enables a psychologist (or other health professional) to come into the organisation and assist in the management of challenging or complex situations. It can be used to assist an employee or team whose performance at work may be affected by conflict or psychological injury (e.g. stress, depression, or more complex disorders).

The Early Intervention Program differs to the Employee Assistance Service (EAS) in that a psychologist can provide direct and confidential support to both an employee and their line manager.

The psychologist can support an individual employee

  • to gain insight into their condition
  • to connect with appropriate external support and treatment
  • to communicate safely with the organisation about their situation
  • to develop an effective individual health management plan
  • to seek relevant workplace support

The psychologist can assist a line manager

  • to manage the employee and develop an appropriate employee support plan
  • to support, and minimise the impact on, coworkers
  • with development of a return-to-work plan (if the employee is not at work)
  • to gently and safely address performance issues if the employee’s work performance is affected
  • to identify causes and consequences and develop strategies to address these

The Early Intervention Program thus combines intensive individual support for an unwell employee, with management assistance, to promptly address and resolve issues at both individual and organisational levels.

The usual duration of an Early Intervention Program is approximately 15 hours. After accepting a referral, Russell Professional Group

  • makes immediate telephone contact with the employee and the workplace rehabilitation coordinator
  • arranges a face-to-face assessment interview with the employee
  • gathers detailed information pertaining to their situation
  • gains the employee’s written consent to communicate with treaters and their line manager
  • begins formulating an action plan tailored to the employee’s particular circumstances
  • identifies the key individual and organisational issues that need to be addressed and resolved
  • engages the employee, line manager and related stakeholders in discussions to explore action strategies
  • facilitates a face-to-face meeting with key parties to develop a detailed action plan

Our consultants can cease involvement immediately after the return-to-work, injury management, or other action plan is implemented, or we can remain involved to monitor the action plan and provide ongoing employee and management support. Throughout the program we liaise regularly with the referring party to keep them updated with regard to progress. This may include written reports, email and verbal updates at regular intervals.

The program is flexible in catering to both individual and organisational needs, by combining intensive and confidential support for an unwell employee, with management coaching and organisational strategies to address associated workplace issues.