We offer a range of solutions to help individuals, groups and organisations to resolve conflict and restore relationships in the workplace.


Our mediators can facilitate a controlled and safe communication process between two aggrieved individuals in dispute. Our experienced psychologists and management consultants are skilled in understanding and addressing relationship issues in the workplace and resolving interpersonal conflict. We facilitate self-awareness regarding the impact of individual behaviours on others, individual responsibility for solutions, and generate signed agreements regarding future directions, including how agreements will continue to be monitored and reviewed.

Guided Discussion

When two individuals would benefit from professional assistance to address unresolved issues, we can help by facilitating a guided discussion. Our facilitators commence with individual interviews designed to build rapport with each individual and understand each person’s perspective. Based on the information gathered, we design a process that is guided by the facilitator to enable both individuals to discuss the issues in a safe environment and achieve a mutually satisfying resolution.

Conflict Coaching

By attending one-on-one sessions with a conflict coach, we can help to improve an individual’s response to conflict, and improve assertive communication and emotional self-management skills. We provide space for the individual to practice positive conflict resolution behaviours with an experienced coach before trying them out in ‘real’ situations. We also develop an individual’s ability to reflect objectively and accurately on past experience, develop personal insight and ownership regarding their unique contributions to conflict, and explore more effective responses to challenging situations.

Workplace Assessment

We custom design structured processes to assist work units or teams that are affected by conflict. The process may involve some or all of the following:

  • conduct interviews with individual team members to identify the sources of conflict, the impact these may be having on individuals and the workplace, and begin capturing suggestions and solutions
  • assess each individual’s capacity and motivation to participate in solutions
  • work with key stakeholders to brainstorm strategies to resolve the sources of conflict
  • facilitate guided discussions between individuals, as needed, to restore interpersonal communication and relationships
  • facilitate a team session to agree on the core issues and establish an action plan
  • facilitate team development processes, if needed, to enhance cooperation and unity
  • management coaching to enhance the team leader’s capacity to implement and monitor the action plan, and nip future issues in the bud
  • establish monitoring and review processes to monitor individual and team progress

Workplace Conferencing

We can facilitate a workplace conference which brings together individuals who have been affected by harmful or negative workplace behaviour. This allows all of those individuals affected to participate in a discussion of the causes and consequences of this type of behaviour, and contribute to the development and implementation of sustainable strategies and solutions.