Organisational Diagnosis And Evaluation

Our organisational psychologists are trained to assess organisational functioning and diagnose organisational problems using qualitative and quantitative data gathering strategies. Our range of diagnostic tools includes:

  • behavioural observation
  • individual assessment methodologies
  • team assessment processes
  • interviews (including exit interviews)
  • focus groups
  • psychological assessment tools
  • surveys
  • document analyses
  • environmental scans
  • stakeholder analyses
  • organisational audits (e.g. stress audit, culture audit, communication audit)
  • program evaluation methodologies (both formative and summative)

We can assist to gather, analyse and interpret quantitative and qualitative data, and can offer guidance and support on the design and implementation of focussed strategies to address diagnosed problems and issues in the workplace.

Human Resource Consulting

Our team comprises management consultants and organisational psychologists who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in organisational and people management, including expertise in:

  • stress and psychological injury
  • performance management
  • conflict resolution
  • employee health and wellbeing
  • return-to-work and rehabilitation processes
  • management coaching
  • organisational review
  • change management
  • strategic planning

Health and Wellbeing Assessment

If you are concerned about the wellness of a work team, but are not sure how to act on those concerns, a health and wellbeing assessment may be the solution. We select from a range of data gathering alternatives to diagnose the issues impacting on the team, and offer our recommendations and guidance to implement appropriate strategies and solutions.

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